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About Colopar Contractors

Colopar Contractors (Colorado Painting and Remodeling) is a Colorado home improvement company that services the Denver metro and surrounding areas.

We appreciate your interest and hope to contribute to your home’s transformation process. We provide strong professionalism that is supported by our 12+ years of experience in the home improvement industry. Colopar Contractors has a strong sense of integrity and high standards, which contributes to our ongoing growth and success in Colorado.

We are Local

Colopar Contractors was founded and fueled by local Colorado resident Michael Martinez. As local contractors, we are able to offer you a more personal, unique experience when it comes to all projects. You’ll get to know us, our connections, and our familiarity with the local home improvement trends. We’ll always know the status of your project and who you are personally working with. As locals, not only does your project matter more, but you as a customer, matter to us. Need to get a hold of us for an emergency? We’re just around the corner!

We are Experts

We provide our customers with a highly-skilled, qualified, and certified team to work on all properties in the Denver Metro area. We are enthusiastic about being a part of these important milestones in your home transformation process and truly believe everyone deserves only the best craftsmanship and products that are backed by integrity and respect – no matter the budget or experience in working with contractors in the past.

We are Family

Family is important and we consider all employees part of our family. Colopar is devoted to giving our employees appreciation in all facets of life, not just at work. We work hard together, but we also play hard together. We enjoy time together even outside the workplace. We take special care of our employees so that they take special care of you.

We are Social

Like any other family, we like to share updates on our personal lives and latest home improvement projects on social media. If you like us and/or our work, give us a follow!

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